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Tucked away in the midst of a 100-hectare forest that completely surrounds it, the Château de Brou overlooks the  Manse and Courtineau valleys.  The Domain opens you its doors for YOUR stay, YOUR CUSTOM-MADE event according to your expectations.

The Domaine de Brou

Photo d'une de la villa de Brou

For your comfort :

6 Rooms

Private garden

20 persons

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The villa of the property

Villa with high standard has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and welcome until 20 persons. Spacious kitchen, terrace and private garden completely closed, barbecue, ping pong table, nice lounge and large dining room with two tables of 10 persons each.

Chambre Ronsard

For your comfort :

13 Rooms & Suites

2 lounges & spacious dining room

Whirlpool tubs

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The château

The Castle can be rent for family, friend event … There are 13 rooms and suites high standing, spacious dining room with fire place, two lounges, a large kitchen, two terraces and barbecue.

Location pavillon de chasse mariage

For your comfort :

Spacious main room

50 persons max

Enclosed garden

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The hunting lodge

Cordial reception in a friendly and pastoral environment, the hunting lodge has a spacious dining room and welcome 50 guests maximum. Terrace, enclosed garden and barbecue on demand.

Le Domaine de brou

Rent the all property

The Castle

The Villa

The Hunting Cottage

100 Ha Park

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The all property rental

To take advantage of this place you have the possibility of renting the whole domain : The Castle (with its 13 rooms), The villa (with 6 rooms), The hunting lodge (2 rooms). Any demand is a custom-made stay, do not hesitate to contact us for you project.

Château de Brou location séminaire mariage

A Domain as high as your dreams !

You wish you escape? You look for the ideal place to meet? An easily accessible place to have an outstanding stay?
The Domain adapts itself to your dreams the time of your stay. We provide you with our tourist guide of the South of Touraine so that you can plan at best your stay.
You appreciate Natural environment and Cultural destination, so The “Domaine de Brou” is made for you, contact us …