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The gourmet’s corner

Be welcomed with a fresh glass rosé sparkling wine of Touraine.

In case you are not in the mood of going out for dinner, you could have a semi-gastronomic snack at the castle’s dining room, on the terrace or simply in you room. Our Menu put an accent on local products such has the famous “Fromage de sainte Maure” goat cheese. We try to have a seasonal snacking Menu, with local product that will pair with our local wine selection, and some champagne for the champagne lovers.

Selection of Gourmet dishes


• Assortiment de Crostinis
• Miniatures de Burger façon Rossini
• Assiette de dégustation du château de brou : Fromage de Sainte Maure en deux façons, pâté de chèvre, rillette de chèvre.
• Assiette de fromage et de charcuterie
• Salade de saumon fumé, suprême d’orange et farandole de toast
• Salade de chèvre-chaud de sainte maure

Please contact us on 02 47 65 80 80



• Moelleux au Chocolat et sa glace à la vanille de Madagascar
• Brioche perdu
• Macaron Glacés


Please contact us on 02 47 65 80 80

Breakfast / Brunch

Have a boost of vitamin on the morning is possible at the Château de Brou. It’s even better if the products served at the breakfast are on season and local…

The Castle breakfast is a mix of the traditional French breakfast, the famous “continental breakfast” and a choice of two international dishes. Our dishes evolve with the seasons and with the products we discover at local farms.

Most of the product we serve are locally produced, and are just waiting for you to be discovered.